In early 2020, I began creating a series of works to document events from 2016, before Donald Trump’s inauguration, through 2020, under the Trump administration. I was frustrated with the number of upsetting things that were being said and done during that time and the fast pace of the news cycle reacting to and reporting these events. So, I began creating a visual record of my interpretations of some of (in my opinion) the more significant happenings during that time.

The result is the Lest We Forget show, which includes a combination of digital and physical pieces. The digital pieces include a variety of visual montages on various subjects that can be output into physical pieces of artwork. The physical pieces include text works with manually stamped lettering, print-on-demand products, and assembled and framed physical objects. I created all pieces strictly from my viewpoint, and all interpretations and opinions of the events depicted are solely my own.

Bob Diercksmeier